Where can I find information on bike maintenance?
Your owner's manual has some great tips for routine maintenance. For more info, check out our online bike maintenance resources.
Can you help me with my KMo2o bike?
Yes, but please refer to our warranty policy for specific repair procedures.
Does my bike come fully assembled?
You'll need to attach the handlebar, seat, front wheel, pedals and accessories. Refer to your owner's manual for assembly instructions or check out our handy video tutorials here. We understand everyone's ability and confidence to assem...
What is the weight of the bike?
The weight of the bike varies by model. Check the description of the bike on our website or in the manual. If it's not listed, contact us for more information.
What is the max weight capacity?
Our bikes are tested in accordance with industry testing standards and regulations, which require that a variety of tests be conducted at different weights and forces. There are a number of factors that impact how much weight a bicycle c...
My bike was stolen/ How do I find the owner of a bike?
Oh no! Sorry to hear that! If your bike was stolen, contact your local authorities. If you registered your bike with us and need to obtain your model information, email or chat with us. We'll need to gather some info from you in writin...
How much battery does the battery consume?
Different models of batteries consume different amounts of power. Please refer to the manual for details.

What kind of range should I expect out of a charge?
For information about battery range and recharge time, refer to the product page on our website or in the manual.
I have a suggestion for a new product.
We love that you have an idea to make our product line even better! Many ideas are already known to our company or are in development. A patent search that turns up negative does not mean that a similar product idea does not already exis...
Can I be a dealer for KMo2o Bike?
We love that you love our brand as much as we do! However, we are not accepting new KMo2o dealers at this time. To inquire about dealer opportunities through one of our other brands, submit your info here.
How can I contact KMo2o?
You can communicate with us through the contact us at the bottom of the website, or use our online support service.